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    7 Personalised Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers That Are Absolutely Purrfect!

    Got a friend who’s a cat lover? If you’re a cat lover yourself, then you know that buying a gift for a cat lover isn’t an easy feat.

    Naturally, you’re looking for something cat-related, but it seems like the cat lover already has everything!

    Their house already has everything a cat could ever need to live comfortably—a cat condo, a cat bed, and even a cat bridge—so there’s no point buying something for their fur babies.

    Should you buy something for the cat lover themselves then? It’s easier said than done. Logically speaking, you only need to buy something cat-themed, like a cat mug or some other cat merchandise, but it might seem like you didn’t put too much thought into your gift if you did that. After all, these commercial merchandises are mass-produced and are often quite generic.

    You need something more personalised...
    We have all that to offer and more! Check out our list of 7 personalised gifts for cat lovers:

    #1 - Personalise Silver Necklace (Best Seller)

    $80 $39.95 Only

    We’ve all worn accessories at one point or another in our lives. Some of those accessories mean something—others don’t. But one thing is clear: the accessories we wear can symbolise who we are as a person.

    If you noticed that your cat lover friend isn’t wearing any accessory that holds sentimental weight, maybe it’s time you gave them one—and what better accessory to give them than one that connects them to their beloved pet?

    Whether your friend has a cat that they can’t bear to be parted with even as they go to work during the day, or a cat that has passed away, they will love this Personalise Silver Necklace!

    Made with 925 Sterling Silver, this elegant necklace with a pendant that’s shaped like your friend’s beloved pet will definitely not be left forgotten in the jewelry box.

    #2- Personalise Furkid Sneakers

    $140 $69.95 Only

    As cat lovers, we prioritise comfort. That’s why cat lovers love to wear sneakers. Your friend probably has a few pairs of sneakers already, but we’re willing to bet that none of them is as cool as these Personalise Furkid Sneakers.

    These sneakers are designed to have someone’s beloved pet printed on them.

    The funky design will help your cat lover friend draw the right kind of attention wherever they go—especially because these sneakers are so comfortable, your friend will feel like they’re walking on cloud! They will surely become a source of envy.

    #3- Personalise Crazy Cat Lady Socks

    $50 $24.95 Only

     Is your cat lover friend a very special person? She may be a crazy cat lady, but that’s why you love her! In that case, she needs an even more special gift.

    How about pairing the Personalise Furkid Sneakers with these Personalise Crazy Cat Lady Socks?

    These funky socks are not only super comfy, but they also feature a super trendy design. Your crazy cat lady friend will love them!

    #4- Personalise Furkid Watch

    $100 $49.95 Only

     Your cat lover friend probably has one or two watches already. Or perhaps they are the type that don’t wear watches—preferring to rely on their phones instead? Well, either way, they won’t be able to resist if it’s a Personalise Furkid Watch!

    This watch is a lifesaver. You know how time can tick by so slowly at times, especially when we’re going through something we’re not interested in?

    Your cat lover friend experiences that often. All day, all they can think of is going home to cuddle with their cats, but alas, they need to work or spend time away from home.

    Those moments spent away from their cats will become much more bearable with this Personalise Furkid Watch, because the watch face features their cat’s face. It’ll help with the withdrawal symptoms.

    #5- Personalise Memorial Canvas Art

    $80 $39.95 Only

    Does your friend have a cat that’s so beautiful they deserve to be immortalised as art?

    Or perhaps your friend just lost their beloved cat, and now needs something to hold on to? This Personalise Memorial Canvas Art is the perfect choice.

    It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a cat lover. Paintings brighten the house, and no other paintings do that as well as those that feature a cat lover’s beloved pet.

    The wall art can be put in the bedroom or the living room. Either way, when your friend sees it right after waking up in the morning, it’ll put a smile on their face and send them good vibes.

    #6- Personalise Couple Hoodie

    $120 $59.95 Only

    Our love for cats transcends gender. There are both male and female cat lovers these days, and no matter which group your cat lover friend belongs to, they will appreciate being gifted with a Personalise Couple Hoodie.

    This hoodie is super comfy and flattering on any body type. All cat lovers are proud of how handsome their cats are, so your friend will no doubt be proud to wear their cat’s cute little face on their chest like a badge.

    #7- Personalise Pet Phone Case

    $50 $29.95 Only

    These days, if we forgot to bring our phone with us, it’s practically the end of the world. It’s something that we keep with us all the time, so why not make use of that fact and help your cat lover friend feel closer to their fur babies even when they’re far away from home by gifting them with a Personalise Pet Phone Case?
    We can forget to brush our teeth in the morning, fail to wear matching socks, or to wear an accessory, but we never forget our phone and we never forget our cats.

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