Keicha Cat - Canvas Art


Is your living room or bedroom looking a bit lonely? Are you looking for a high-quality painting that you can put there to make the room look a lot livelier?

Purchase this Special Canvas Printing and hang it on the wall. It will immediately brighten up your whole abode!

Even if you already have your own cat, a cat lover’s thirst for all things cat can never be satisfied. Therefore, many cat lovers purchase this painting to complete their collection.

With every purchase of the Canvas Printing, you’ll get:

  • 1 high-quality canvas—available in Small, Medium, and Large size options
  • 1 high-quality frame (OPTIONAL)

The frame is available in 3 different sizes—the same as the canvas:

  • Small – 50 x 50cm (20 x 20 inches)
  • Medium – 60 x 60cm (24 x 24 inches)
  • Large – 70 x 70cm (28 x 28 inches)

Option 1: Framed (Ready To Hang) - Highly Recommended

 Option 2: No Frame (Canvas Only) 


Don’t miss the chance to purchase this at a discounted price.


Please allow 5 days for the painting to be prepared and shipped. After that, please allow 10 – 20 work days for the painting to arrive at your doorstep.

We get swamped with orders quickly, so make sure to catch us while we’ve still got slots open.

This cat painting will definitely brighten up any living room, and it’s the perfect addition to your cat things collection.

It is recommended that you purchase the framed canvas option rather than the canvas only option because the framed ones can immediately he hung on the wall.

Additionally, if you purchase the LARGE FRAME option, your order will arrive faster. We also offer FREE SHIPPING just for this type of order.

With every purchase of this Cat Canvas Printing, you will be directly donating to the Cat Welfare Society—an organization dedicated to rescuing cats in need so rather than dirty and skinny, they can all become pretty and fluffy just like the cat in this painting. That way, they will finally be able to find their forever home.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Join us on this mission to Love Cats For Life!