Cat-a-Roo Snuggle Hoodie (HOT)

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As cat lovers, we are addicted to our cats.

Spending too long without cats would cause us to exhibit withdrawal symptoms where we cry, scream, and look wild-eyed under each furniture in hopes of catching sight of the adorable bushy tail and glittering eyes.

…well, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. But don’t you agree that being able to carry your kitty-cats with you no matter where you go is the epitome of the purrfect life?

Enter the Cat-a-Roo Snuggle Hoodie.



This hoodie is the perfect solution for the problem that most cat owners face.

We all know that feeling in the morning when our brain knows that we really need to get up and face the day, but our heart screams at us to stay in bed for just ONE MORE MINUTE so we could snuggle a bit longer with our beloved cats.

In the end, that one minutes turns into an hour, and then two.

But you wouldn’t have to face that dilemma ever again, because with this kangaroo hoodie, you can take the cats with you as you get up. You wouldn’t have to choose between them! How cool is that?

The kangaroo hoodie provides many benefits to cat lovers. Other than the obvious one mentioned above where you could carry the cats around with you, there are several others.

It’s Stylish

Pull up the hood, and you’ll see that this kangaroo hoodie comes with adorable cat-ears. Pull down the sleeves, and you’ll see that it also comes equipped with paw-shaped gloves.

You can wear it not just to carry your cats around with you, but also as a fashion statement. It also has 3 color options for you to pick from: Black, Gray, and Pink.

It’s Soft and Sturdy

This kangaroo hoodie is made from high-quality materials. The pouch wouldn’t break off no matter how big or heavy your cat is.

The inside of the pouch is soft and comfortable, so your cat will feel right at home. There are even giant fluff-balls attached to the string for your cats to play with!

It’s Good for Your Health.

Did you know that a cat’s purr can reduce your stress level and blood pressure? With this hoodie, you can listen to that soothing purr all day. It’s really good for you.

Size Charts

Once you’ve decided on the color, the next thing you need to do is decide on the size.

Please be aware that the chart right below is an Asian-Sized Chart. Customers from the US should up the size by 2 times.


Sizing Chart (inch)
(1 inch=2.54cm)

* Please pick a bigger size for better comfort.
** Average Americans pick XL or Larger. 


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