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Introducing the world's most unique design for cat lovers.

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is both durable and soft - a great combination if you're looking for that casual wardrobe staple that show your love for cats. 

  • Super comfortable to wear - Made from 100% Cotton 
  • Stand out from the crowd - Design created by our in house designer
  • Easy to maintain - Color won't fade after washing
  • Printed and Shipped from U.S.A.

This design is inspired by the Cat Stories submitted by Kelsey Iwanski

Remembering Madison

Not one hour ago, I lost my best buddy. I've had him since preschool, meaning as far back as my memories go, they all include him.

He was snoring on that table because of how deep asleep he was. About 5, maybe 8 breaths later,

"He's gone."

I was able to hold Madison. I felt, and saw his final breath. After that, the vets gave me some alone time.

Never in my life did I ever want to imagine my self in a room with my kitty... gone.

He was there right in front of me, but gone. I kept hugging him anyways. I was in such denial that I swore I saw his belly moving, as if he were still breathing. I tried tickling his back paw because when ever i used to he would jolt it away.

He did not jolt it away. He was so stiff. I continued to scratch his chin because he LOVES chin scratches.

He didn't move but I know he was still so happy to get the lil chin scratches.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life right there with him but I also didn't. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him alive. I kept looking over to the button I was supposed to press when I was done. I wanted to be there for so much longer but I pressed it anyways.

When the vet came in I gave him one final hug and kissy.

I love you Madison.

Thanks Kelsey Iwanski for supporting our clause for loving cats for life!

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