Personalize Furkid Sneakers For Cat Dad

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Support Other Cats &
Stand Out from the crowd!

If you are on this site, it means you have a cat that you love. Why else would you wear his or her face on your shoes?!

I mean, we know it’s a great ice-breaker for strangers and a moment of glory among your friends, but there’s way more to it.

When you get these gorgeous sneakers, you do more than buying comfortable shoes that watch out for your health and feet care: you help save cats in need.

 About The Sneakers

  • Lightweight construction with breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfort and performance. In English: comfy, practical and fashionable.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • High-quality EVA sole for traction and exceptional durability, perfect for running after cats when they want to play.

What we do is simple, yet beautiful, and it happens because of you.

👉 First, you send us a picture of your cat. Hopefully, not a selfie taken by him or her.

👉 Then, we print the cute little face onto the colorful sneakers! Color of your choice, by the way).

👉 Next, we ship WHEREVER. YOU. ARE!!! ✈️🌎🌍🌏🚢

👉 Finally, you receive the product and send us a pic to be part of this community!

Worldwide Shipping

You live in Madrid with your chubby Himalayan? Our sneakers will get there. 💌

Want them to arrive in New York with your Manx’s cute little whiskers in high resolution? Yep, can do. 📦🎈

It’s your mother’s birthday, but she lives in California and you in Singapore? Don’t worry, we will make sure she gets your present, PLUS a big hug for both her and Tigger. 🎁🐯

The best part?

A percentage of your purchase goes to the Cat Welfare Society to rescue cats!

You are contributing directly to looking after cats WHILE LOOKING AWESOME!

Follow these guidelines to get the BEST out of our product

📷 Photo Guidelines

Please send us a high-quality picture of, at least, 2000x2000 pixels. The better the quality, the better we can custom design the sneakers for you. Send us a photo with a clear view of the cat face.

And we also print out the cutest kittens to brighten our days

📋 The Order Process

    Our team will design the sneakers based on the photo you submitted to us, so it’ll take around 3-4 weeks for your sneaker to be designed, produced and delivered. Quality takes time.

    Rest assure you will be happy with the quality once you received the personalize sneaker.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here for you.

    👟 Sizing Guarantee

    Are you worried about the sneakers not fitting? Fear not: we offer free replacement up to a 2-size difference if the sneakers don’t fit.

    Just take a photo and email usrequesting a new size!

    📕 Sizing Guide

    If you looking for women size, please order from our women sneaker =>

    Size Chart (Width)


    For A Great Clause

    With every purchase of this Personalize Sneaker, you will be directly donating to the Cat Welfare Society—an organization dedicated to helping cats find their forever home. Because every cat deserves to have a person that would love and cherish them forever for who they are.

    Join us on this mission to Love Cats For Life!

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