Personalized Pet Tags

Be Unique with Print Pet ID Tags! Perfect for your furry friends as an accessory, while keeping your pets safe. 

The Paw Print Pet ID Tags are created from stainless steel and printed with high quality inks to ensure a lasting, quality pet tag.  

Why your pet need ID Tags?

You never know when the worst may happen and you lose your pet. An ID tag with your contact information is by far the quickest and most stress free chance for you and your dog to be reunited.

Essential information to include on your pets' ID tag to ensure their safe return would be your phone number.

ID Tag pros:

1. Tags are a quick and easy ID for those who find your pet.

2. The most effective way for people to contact you if your pet wanders off.

3. You can personalize it in your own unique way.

Production time: 3-8 days
Shipping time: 3-12 days