Upsell - Custom Memorial Canvas Art (Framed)


Are you one of the lucky few who’s got a beautiful pet? Don’t hide it! Flaunt it!

Your pet deserves to become the inspiration for a work of art!

Ever imagined displaying an oil painting of your beautiful pet in the living room? It’ll definitely be an amazing centrepiece!

Or perhaps you’ve just lost your pet and you’d like to remember them always. Or maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, tasteful gift.

Personalize Memorial Canvas Art has all that and more!

  • Beautiful decoration – vivid colors; it’ll light up the room
  • Sentimental value – why hang up a random painting when you can have a painting of your pet?
  • Oil painting quality – we also provide the art without the oil painting effect, but oil painting definitely makes everything better, don’t you think?
  • Available in 5 different sizes – no matter how much (or little) space you have, we can fit the painting to your needs
  • Canvas background – of a very high quality, for image durability
  • A beautiful frame – to add to the dramatic effect, because your pet deserves it


We will turn the photo you submitted to a oil effect canvas art!


Check out our customer review

"I gave this to my son who adores his #billythebadasssnowbengal. Billy is the love of his life. We love how this picture turned out." 🐅❤️🐱 - Kat

Dear Cats for Life (Cindy), I am very pleased with my beautiful canvas oil painting replica of my recently passed on Mama Mischa.

I attached a pic for you're viewers to enjoy and I highly recommend customers all the time to you're company so they too can eternalize their beloved fur babies in a canvas photo of their pet like I have done.

I definitely will be sending a few more pictures to have done. I have three more cats. However, I won't be waiting for them to pass on. I want to enjoy the pictures since they are young children of mine.

Chee Chee my Bengal, Champa my Russian Blue and Julian my big fat black cat!!

Thank you so much! I love this company business and hope others will too! I constantly refer you to people on my face group friends who are Animal Lovers! Sincerely," Kat Stephenson

" I am so very happy I saw this ad on Facebook to have my beloved Christy’s photo put on large canvas to display in our home. She passed last Thanksgiving from cancer. It’s a tribute to her memory and how much we loved her. Everyone with a cat should have this done for their cat(s)!! A very satisfied customer, " - Linda Kehres

Happy Customers