How Can A Cat Recognize Its Owner

The relationship that exists between humans and cats is one of the most beautiful you will ever see. Cats are fascinating creatures, constantly engaging in behaviors to show off their beauty or prove how clever they are. They also use certain behaviors to tell us who their favorite people are!

There are several theories about why there’s such an intense bond between two species with so much admiration from one for the other. One theory suggests that we give off pheromones when we feel relaxed and happy, and that these molecules influence the behavior and physiology of animals around us.

Certain chemicals in our sweat can be interpreted by others as signs of relaxation or even dominance, which may make it easier for them to associate those chemicals with us. 


In this article, we’ll look at 10 interesting things that cats do to let owners know they care.

They use their whiskers to touch

When your cat sits in front of you, it is very likely that she will slowly stroke her whiskers across your skin or even stick them into your skin! This is called touching with her whiskers.

This grooming habit is actually quite interesting. Because cats are born with about 200 whisker follicles per square inch, they have a tendency to spend time exploring by rubbing their whiskers against other things.

This way, they learn what materials feel good and don’t feel good for them. For example, when they groom themselves, they can determine if something feels soft like fur or warm like flesh.

They use their tail to feel

how cat recognize owner

Most cats have a unique way of showing affection towards people. A lot of it has to do with their tails. When they want your attention, they wag theirs.

A cat’s tail is like an extension of its body. It feels good when it moves so most animals make sure to check out how fast or slowly their tail is moving at least twice a day.

When your cat wants you to play or give them some food, they will wag their tail more quickly. It's kind of like telling you that things are important to them.

If there is one main reason why many pet owners get sick of their pets, it's this! All too often, dogs and cats would rather be somewhere else than spend time with you. This can sometimes cause stress, which only makes the situation worse.

This article will go into detail about different behaviors that show that your feline friend loves you.

They use their nose to identify your scent

how cat recognize owner

When you love someone, you want to know they feel the same way about you as you do them. You would like to be able to tell if they are feeling good or bad around you by how they act.

A cat’s sense of smell is much more acute than ours, which is why they rely so heavily on their noses for communication.

When they look into your eyes, it's because they're trying to read your emotions.

They may try to push away any unfamiliar smells with his/her tongue or by rolling over and scratching yourself. If you make eye contact with them, they'll probably wag their tail longer.

They use their eyes to look at you

how cat recognize owner

When your cat looks at you, it’s usually for one of two reasons. First, she might be trying to tell you something about what you are doing or who you are. For example, if you picked up the food that doesn’t taste good to her, she may be hungry too.

The second reason cats look at people is because they are curious. She might want to know you or maybe even chase you!

When they do this, they don’t really stare very long unless they want to make contact. Because most cats can recognize a person as someone important to them, they will try to connect with you when you are not looking for it.

That’s why it’s best to give your pet some time before asking how she is doing or whether there is anything you need to know.

They use their sense of taste

how cat recognize owner

There are several features that contribute to how your cat learns who its owner is. One of the major factors is called olfaction, or smelling.

When you take your dog out for a walk, it does not seem like it takes him very long before he decides that his car is better than the park. He gets in, closes the door, and then starts looking for some food!

It is similar with cats. When they meet someone new, they usually do an initial sniffing session. After this, if the other person calls the cat by name, the cat will sometimes go up and nuzzle them more closely. This way, the cat can get a good smell of the stranger’s scent and determine whether they are familiar or not.

If the other person pets the cat lightly, the cat may decide that they do not like them and push away. If however, the petting goes longer, the cat might think that there could be something interesting about the new person.

Cat owners should make sure that their hands are clean as well as their clothes when meeting your cat. Because even though most cats are not particularly vocal, they do have a meow which can be identified just from the sound alone.

Your cat may try to pull away or growl at your hand if it does not feel right to it.

They use their sense of hearing

how cat recognize owner

When your cat looks at you, she is listening to see if there are any sounds being made. If she hears one that makes her feel safe, like a parent’s voice, then she will come close to you or even try to be put in your arms.

This is called purring. Purrs usually sound soft and steady, but can also grow louder and faster depending on what your feline friend needs.

When they are not getting enough attention, some cats stop trying to connect with others and focus only on you. This could be because they feel insecure or need comforting.

If this happens, don’t force it by holding them every time they want contact! Let them know that you understand how they are feeling and hope they will work through it soon.

Cat owners often talk about their fur babies as “my baby,” which may help bring out more affectionate behaviors.

They use their sense of touch

how cat recognize owner

When they wake up, your cat is exploring themselves by running their hands all over every part of their body. It’s like how humans explore ourselves by touching our skin, hair, and internal organs.

That’s what cats do! They enjoy feeling everything from whiskers to stomach fur. Some people refer to this as self-touching or somatic exploration.

To add onto that, most older cats will groom themselves. If you watch closely, you can see them rubbing noses into their paws, licking themselves, and rolling around in some soft bedding. All of these behaviors are for cleaning off external substances and relaxing.

They use their sense of smell

how cat recognize owner

When your cat spends lots of time smelling you, his or her nose is constantly being stimulated! This helps them determine if you are home and if they like us at this moment are dependent upon what we put in our mouths and how we perfume ourselves.

Cats also have a special area of tissue that contains receptors to detect chemicals with specific functions- such as detecting food or other substances. These receptors help regulate moods and behaviors, so when a person comes into contact with these chemicals, things change for the better or worse depending on whether your cat likes them or not.

The more you expose your skin to something, the higher the chance your cat will come across it, which is why people who love dogs know that washing yourself frequently removes a lot of their fear.

For cats, it’s different because they need to feel that their dry coat is protecting them from possible contaminants. For example, when someone eats meat, there are bacteria and blood cells left over. Cats are naturally protective animals, and having a scentless body can make them worried or even aggressive.

That’s why grooming is so important; it allows your cat to get some of that needed protection by ridding them of loose hairs and removing any parasites. The way they process smells is slightly different than humans, but overall, they depend a lot on their senses.

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