How do you know your cat is loyal to you?

Over the past few years, there have been many reports about cats becoming increasingly distant from their owners. They are not only staying in separate rooms or areas of the house longer, but they also seem to be developing feelings for other people.

Some experts refer to this as cat cut-off syndrome. This happens when your beloved feline no longer sees you as her leader and mentor, she feels like someone else is taking control of the situation.

It can sometimes look like apathy towards humans. Many times, these alienated felines will give up interacting with their owner because they don’t feel wanted or needed.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reevaluate how you bring home new pets. Or maybe it’s time to say goodbye to yours!

Most veterinarians agree that extended separation anxiety in older dogs and cats is totally normal. It’s even considered an integral part of aging for some species.

But what if your pet isn’t changing, he’s actually getting worse? More than six months pass by without your dog or cat responding to you, and then suddenly — poof! — they’re gone.

Does this sound like your loved one? If so, you need to do something about his or her behavior before it gets out of hand.

Some cats are very loyal

Many people consider dogs to be the more intelligent species, but some say that it’s actually cats who have the upper hand. After all, many owners of cat lovers believe that their feline companion is always thinking about them!

Some individuals feel that they will never lose interest in you, which can make relationships become stagnant. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does pose a challenge when trying to establish new friendships or find love again if you're single.

However, like most things related to animals, this theory doesn't stand up to proof. According to veterinary experts, most cats are just not as loyal as we think they are.

They develop separate attachments to different people and situations, just like any other animal. Unfortunately, these separations can sometimes last for years, making it difficult to reward your pet when they do something nice for you.

At the same time, some cats seem to enjoy keeping secrets from us, so it's hard to know what kind of bond we might already have with our beloved pets.

It depends on the cat

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As we have seen, even within individual cats there are different levels of loyalty. Some individuals are much more likely to show affection towards you than others. This can be difficult to deal with as an owner.

If you try your best to make sure that your dog or cat has what they need and loves them, then it may be hard to see when they are not feeling particularly lovey-dovey.

This is very personal for each animal so only they can determine if this situation makes them feel bad or happy. For some animals, such as dogs, it may take longer until they feel comfortable around other people and pets.

For many pet owners, the first sign that their beloved fur friend doesn’t like someone else is when they start acting nervous or aggressive towards them.

They can be

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Many people believe that cats are not loyal to their owners at all, for example, by leaving when their owner goes out or gets up early for work.

Some even say that they will not stay with an “unloyal” person forever.

However, this belief is very common in dog lovers.

After all, most dogs have a very strong bond with their owners, which takes a lot of work and consistency to break!

So what about the cat community? Is there solid proof that says some cats are more likely to leave than others?

In fact, many experts agree that it is totally normal for kittens to look beyond their parents’ sides for new love. This can sometimes take longer than for puppies, though.

This article will talk you through the reasons why older cats may feel like they need to find their own home and what you can do to prevent this happening. It also contains tips on how to handle a kitty who needs to explore other homes.

They cannot be

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Many people believe that if you treat your cat well, she will always stick with you. This is not true for all cats or even most.

Some individuals are just too friendly with their pets to get the same level of loyalty back. These types of owners may spend more time spending time with their pet than they do at home alone.

If this sounds like you, then it’s important to remember that it can hurt your bond as an owner. Your dog might feel insecure around you because he doesn’t have enough proof that you care about him. He could possibly think you don’t love him.

This can cause mental health issues for your dog. You both need each other’s trust to enjoy life together.

Your dog needs to know that when you say “I promise I won’t leave you”, he can depend on you. Luckily, there are ways to help your feline friend understand what an honest-to-goodness relationship means to him.

Here are some tips for helping your cat form relationships and feelings of security in his life.

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