How Know If Your Cat Is Pregnant

Most cats are not very talkative, but they do give away some clues about whether or not they are pregnant. Some signs include changes in their behavior, appearance, and diet. If you see any of these symptoms, chances are your cat is trying to tell you that she is expecting a baby!

Many times kittens will try to get rid of their parents so that they can be raised by someone else. This sometimes backfires though as other owners may adopt the kitten instead and find out too late that it was already parentless at birth!

For this reason, most professional animal shelters will perform an ultrasound on all newborns to determine if the infant needs extra care due to possible health issues. It is also common for veterinarians to check older kitties to make sure they are breeding properly and know how many babies they have.

Take a pregnancy test

Many veterinarians can also do a simple urine or saliva test to determine if your cat is pregnant. If you notice changes in behavior, grooming habits, activity level, or eating patterns, it may be necessary to perform a test.

Some of these tests are done using blood samples, but this isn’t common practice for feline pregnancies. Since most cats are white, their body tissues help prevent us from being able to tell whether they are more pink due to internal bleeding caused by miscarriage or not.

So, when doing a fecal test, make sure to check both solid and liquid feces as well as looking at color. A lighter colored stool means there could be digestive issues such as diarrhea, while heavier stools indicate an increase in dietary intake.

It is important to remember that even though many veterinary clinics have testing tools, each individual vet will know his or her animal's unique signs.

Call your vet

how know if your cat is pregnant

Many people assume that if you notice changes in your cat’s appearance, behavior or appetite that their pregnancy is underway. While it is true that pregnant cats can look different than non-pregnant ones, there are several things you must consider before assuming your feline friend is indeed expecting.

It is very common for pregnant cats to show slight physical alterations such as changing fur coloration, weight gain and/or swelling. These signs usually occur around two weeks after fertilization, so unless your cat is showing these symptoms she may be unaware of her growing baby.

If possible, ask your veterinarian whether there have been any visible indications that your cat might be pregnant. The doctor will probably tell you that they could not determine this without performing certain tests which would require either blood work or an ultrasound, both of which should be done anyway!

Bloodwork involves taking a sample of fluid from the animal, whereas an ultrasound scans through body tissue using sound waves. A test for human pregnancies requires only looking at the size of the fetus via ultrasound, but veterinary ultrasounds use special equipment designed to detect the presence of fetal fluids (placentas) and tissues (embryos).

Observe your cat

how know if your cat is pregnant

Are her cycles just one day long? This can be due to you not knowing when she is ovulating, or her not being fertile at that time. If this is the case then it is very difficult to tell whether or not she is pregnant unless there are symptoms for pregnancy.

Another way to determine if your cat is pregnant is by observing what area of her body seems larger than normal. For example, if her abdomen looks slightly bigger than normal, this could indicate that she is carrying a fetus in her uterus.

However, even if her stomach does look a little bit round this does not mean that she is definitely pregnant. It may simply mean that she is eating more because she feels hungry!

If you notice changes in how your cat acts towards other animals or people, make sure to talk to your vet so they can run some tests for possible underlying health conditions.

Practice good hygiene

how know if your cat is pregnant

With any animal, especially ones that require frequent attention, health issues can arise. If you notice your cat acting or looking different than normal, it’s important to get her checked out by a veterinarian.

Obesity is one of the top contributors to health problems in cats, so make sure to talk with your vet about appropriate weight for your pet. If your cat is overweight, finding ways to help her manage her food intake and exercise are very effective treatments.

Making changes to the environment can also be a factor in determining whether your feline friend is pregnant. You may want to consider investing in safer toys or moving away from carpeting or new furniture.

If your kitten seems sickly at times, look no further than when she was clamped during ovulation! Most female housecats will experience thinning hair due to stress during this time period. Check yours out for symptoms and visit your local vet to determine what may need treatment.

Knowing how to check for pregnancy really comes down to observing your cat and her behavior. If you have any questions, speak with your doctor and ask if there are any special tests available.

Monitor your cat for signs of pregnancy

how know if your cat is pregnant

If you notice changes in your cat’s behavior or appearance, she may be pregnant. Fortunately, there are some pretty easy ways to tell whether or not your kitty is expecting!

Many dogs will show some extra grooming during their period, but cats do not. Instead, they may spend more time rubbing against things or acting playful which could indicate they are concealing something.

If you see your cat behaving differently, ask her about it! Cats often keep certain behaviors secret so if she seems off-balance, ask her what was going on before you noticed the change in his demeanor.

You can also check to see if there are any visible changes in your feline friend such as weight gain, fur growth, or sniffing and licking around areas of your home where mice or other small animals may hide.

Tell your friends

how know if your cat is pregnant

As much as some people may think that cats are not very expressive, they do have ways of showing how they feel. If you spend time with your cat, then you will eventually notice changes in their behavior towards other animals or humans.

If you noticed any change in your cat’s behaviors during this period, tell your friends! They might know something special is happening to your pet.

Some things include: ear drooping, weight gain, behavioral shifts, etc. Having an outside source help determine whether your beloved kitty is expecting can save you both lots of stress.

Hopefully one of your friends has a baby on the way and they can offer tips on what to look for.

Enjoy your cat

how know if your cat is pregnant

Most cats are not aware they are being watched during their intimate moments, so try to enjoy this special time with your pet!

If you notice changes in your kitty’s appearance or behavior that seem out of place for her, she could be pregnant.

Certain behaviors include changing sleeping patterns, hiding food, acting aggressive towards other animals, and/or away from people.

These signs can make it difficult to connect with your beloved fur baby, which is why it is important to talk about any pregnancy symptoms your cat exhibits.

It is also very important to remain calm when these signs occur as stress can have negative effects on the unborn kitten.

Hopefully you will get some clues before taking action, but if you do find yourself at a loss for words, there are many resources available.

Adopt a kitten

how know if your cat is pregnant

Kittens are very cute, but there is an extra special cuteness when you consider that they can be pregnant!

Many cats in shelters are looking to start families so they will find qualified adoptees who want a friend for life. More and more shelter staffs are doing ultrasound tests to see if kittens are indeed fertilized and exist.

These ultrasounds are easy to do and most vets or even friends of the animal rescue group can perform them for free or cheap! Having a confirmed pregnancy makes it much easier to place the cat up for adoption as she will have her own room and home.

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