How To Keep Your Cat From Going Outside The House?

Keeping your cat indoors all the time can feel like a never-ending journey. There are many ways to keep your cat safe in the outdoors, however. These tips can be applied both inside and outside the home.

On the surface, these ideas may look easy, but remember that you are working at your own pace and with your own resources. You do not need to have a large home or property to apply these tips. They work best when there is routine and consistency in setting and surroundings.

With this in mind, let’s talk about how to keep your cat safe outside the home.

Use a cover for the exit

If your cat is outside the house for any amount of time, you should make sure to use a cover to prevent them from getting covered in snow, faeces, or something else that could be harmful. This is especially true if you have a larger-sized cat that might need more room to slip out of the house.

To make sure your cat is covered when they go out, look for anything that is grey or white. A white coat indicates snow, so if your cat has a grey coat, they could use some kind of cover to protect their skin from the snow.

You can also purchase outdoor covers for the inside of your home. These would help preserve warmth and air circulation while not having to worry about them getting wet as they sleep outdoors.

Use a pet repellent

Short-fur White Cat Walking With Person on Road


Knowing how to prevent your cat from going outside the house is an important part of keeping your cat healthy. If you do not have a pet repellent for your cat, then you must keep them indoors!

Keeping your cat inside is the best way to prevent them from getting out. Most cats enjoy their privacy and only go outside when they are hungry or want to get rid of something they carried outside.

However, if you have another piece of furniture that your cat doesn’t use, then put it up for sale or otherwise make room for a new piece of furniture. Your cat will still need to eat and sleep, so these problems are minor.

Keep an eye out for any signs that they need food or sleep - if they're acting tired or sick, they might be needing either food or sleep.

Apply sticky tape on the ground

Homeless cat with green eyes sitting on asphalt sidewalk with green leaves near old blue house on street of town


This may seem strange, but you can put sticky tape on the ground to prevent your cat from going outside the house. This works for several reasons.

When your cat is outside, they may get trapped by storms or weather. By putting the tape on the ground, it will stay that way and prevent your cat from getting caught in a storm or snowstorm.

Another reason this works is because your cat can get stuck if it falls. If your cat falls and gets stuck, he or she cannot get out due to the adhesive on the tape!

unwittingly create a kitty map of home territory that can be used as evidence if someone finds a lost kitten.

Use a dog leash when taking your cat out

How to keep your cat from going outside the house?

Many people use a dog leash on the outside of their house when taking the dog out. This allows your cat to walk down the street with your, and you can securely hold onto your cat by using a dog leash.

This is a good idea, as dogs can be protective. Your cat may even stop the neighbors’ cats from coming inside because of how strong the dog is.

Using a dog leash when taking your cat out also makes it more comfortable outside. It will feel safer using one that is larger than they are, and that they are familiar with.

A lot of people cut their dogs’ leashes into six-inch sections, making it easier to carry out with them.

Keep doors closed

White and Black Cat


While it may seem like a good idea to let your cat outside at times, the best way to keep them safe is for them to stay inside the house.

This includes letting them outside for short periods of time, or even years. The risk of being hit by a car or having someone come home with prey is very real!

As stated earlier, cats are curious animals. They love exploring new places, so this is a positive thing for them. However, they are very sensitive animals.

If they are feeling threatened, they will take steps to protect themselves. Closing the door can prevent this if you have little ones that get out too early or it stops any harm if someone tries to open it.

Making sure the windows and doors are secure also protects your cat from anything outside.

Give your cat all the love and attention it needs

White and Grey Tabby Cat on Wooden Stairs


Many people think a cat should be outdoors for long periods of time, but this is not the best way to care for your cat.

Outdoor cats live in different world than indoor ones. They need to be socialized from a very young age, matched up with other cats in the house and outside.

This is important for maintaining their health and functioning as an individual and as a member of the family. By being confined to the home environment at all times, this is lost.

It is easy to take care of an outdoor cat, given that they are always warm and protected by a shelter or cover. However, an indoor-only cat may need special attention on top of what you would normally give them.

On top of that being harder to fix as time goes by, these cats do not get as much love and attention as the ones who do go outside. This can lead to stressors like injury or loneliness.

Monitor your cat’s behavior

How to keep your cat from going outside the house?

It is important to pay attention to your cat. This means paying attention to when they get stressed, what they are doing before and while they are outside, and how they are behaving while outside.

A stressed or worried cat may do things that make them look busy, such as walking around or climbing a tree. However, he or she is really thinking of how cute it is to hunt a squirrel or chameleon and how fun it is to explore at night.

Put down the phone and get out of the house as soon as you see any signs of problem. Even if you think your cat doesn’t need anything, another person might claim it needs something later on in case of emergency.

Knowing when your cat needs time alone, checking them regularly for signs of stress, and paying attention to their behavior are some things that can prevent problems.

Seek expert advice from a vet

Fluffy red cat with spots sitting on asphalt ground near trees on street in sunny day


If your cat has a habit of going outside the house, seeking out a vet is an important step. Visiting the vet is important to make sure your cat gets all of the needed care.

Cats are curious, so they can get out the door and outside. Even though he may be using the neighbors’ yard as his own, it is still a good idea to keep him indoors until you have verified that he is safe outside.

His safety depends on many things, like weather conditions, whether or not he is occupied with other pets, and his understanding of the world.

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