How To Know If Your Cat Is Sick

As mentioned before, your cat can get many symptoms of health problems that don’t seem related at first. It is very difficult to identify what may be causing a symptom until you have ruled out all possible causes.

It is important to remember that most things cats suffer from are treatable and sometimes even reversible. If your kitty seems ill, check out our list below for some potential signs they could have.

This article will go over several common conditions in more detail, as well as give you some helpful tips on how to tell if your cat needs medical attention.

Check their temperature

how to know if your cat is sick



Is it sneezing or coughing?

how to know if your cat is sick

Sneezes are your cat’s way of clearing his nose and throat by pushing air out through them. When you notice your cat acting sick, he may have a runny nose and cough. If so, check for signs of kitty flu in their nasal passages and lungs.

You can also look at how much food your cat is eating. A healthy eater will eat several cups (for an average sized housecat) every day. If he does not seem hungry, that could be a sign that he is ill.

If your furry friend looks very pale and has droopy eyes, see what kind of activity she was involved in earlier.

Does it have a runny or crusty nose?

how to know if your cat is sick

A red, watery face is a telltale sign that your cat has something sniffle-like. If she looks like she’s been hit in the face with water, chances are she has!

You can also check her nostrils for fluid. If you see any coming out, they should be clear and not pinkish or reddened. She may try to wipe it off with her paw, but it could be more telling than looking at the skin under her eyes.

Do they spit up?

Tabby Cat Sleeping on Sand

A lot of things can cause your cat to stop eating, but when it happens there’s an easy way to tell whether or not it is because their stomach gets full and they feel nauseous, or if something more serious is going on.

If you notice that your cat is no longer wanting to eat her normal food and she appears to be feeling sickly, then it’s important to make them drink some water so that they take in liquid which helps keep their bodies hydrated. If however, they eventually start drinking, heaving every now and again as they pour the water down their throat, then this could be a different story.

It’t usually when they begin to look somewhat pale in the face and/or area around their mouth where you can see how dry their lips are- those who are suffering from dehydration often have very thin, wrinkled skin. When they try to swallow, you may also hear a raspy noise coming from their breathing.

Do they have diarrhea?

how to know if your cat is sick

Diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms that your cat may be experiencing. It is when their digestive system becomes overwhelmed and excess liquid is produced.

This can happen due to many different reasons, such as infection or inflammation in their stomach or intestines, disease or nutritional imbalance.

Diagnosing the cause can sometimes prove difficult, however, it’s easy to tell whether your cat has diarrhoea from its appearance.

You can also check for ketosis by asking how your cat is eating and looking for an odor similar to that of butter coming from them.

Do they look lethargic?

If you notice your cat acting more tired or sleepy than normal, she may be suffering from health issues such as digestive problems, infections or cancer.

Symptoms of infectious diseases include weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite and fur that is thinned out. For oral (tongue) lesions, possible symptoms are drooling and redness of the tongue.

Cancer can manifest in many ways so it is best to see your vet for an examination.

Is it vomiting?

how to know if your cat is sick

Vomiting is one of the most common symptoms that your cat may be suffering from health problems. It can occur because your pet has eaten something harmful, or because of an illness he or she has.

If you notice your cat acting sick and then going through the process of vomiting, take him or her to the vet right away!

You’ll want to make sure the visit doesn’t go unnoticed so that you can get the exact diagnosis from your veterinarian. Fortunately, there are some pretty simple things you can look for to determine whether your cat is sick.

Here we will discuss what indicators show your cat might have the flu, kidney disease, or parasites such as worms. After that, we'll talk about other conditions like gingivitis — which isn’t actually a condition but rather inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Does it lick their paws?

Brown Tabby Cat Lying on White Textile

If you notice your cat licking its own feet, this may indicate they are feeling sick or in pain. It is also a way for them to get rid of excess water that they may have absorbed while grooming themselves or playing.

If your pet goes into this mode, there should be no cause for alarm unless they appear very ill. However, it can be a early sign that your kitty needs medical attention for an infection or other health condition.

It is best to take your cat to the vet right away so that tests can be done and proper treatment given. Unfortunately, as many like to add, most cats will not come when they are needed the most.

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