How To Make Your Cat Love You

The term “cat person” may be slightly misleading. A true cat person does not need to have a pet of their own, nor is it necessary to connect with all types of cats. What makes someone truly enjoy spending time with animals is simply knowing what kind of behaviors are seen as positive for them and acting upon those behaviors.

The most important thing about being a strong animal lover is understanding how to make your cat love you!

Many people assume that having lots of toys means your kitty will want to play more, but this isn’t always the case. Many times, over-stimulated pets develop separation anxiety or other health issues because they are trying too hard to connect with you.

And while giving your furry friend some extra cuddles every now and then is nice, there are many ways to get his/her attention without making him/ her feel even more loved.

This article will go into detail on several tips that can help anyone who loves dogs or cats find out just how to win their trust and affection. So, let’s begin!

Tips For Getting Your Cat To Like You

1. Use natural sounds instead of toys

Some cats are naturally curious, so offering up some food or looking at something new can inspire an interesting behavior like sniffing or exploring.

Flirt with them

how to make your cat love you

It’s important to give your cat some friendly gestures to make him or her feel loved.

If you notice that your cat is paying more attention to something than it usually would, try engaging in that behavior. For example, if your cat has been looking out of windows for an hour, maybe play with a toy outside while watching!

Your cat may not be telling you what he or she wants right now, but there are sometimes clues we can look at. If you’ve tried everything and your cat is still not coming when you call, then perhaps it’s time to find another home.

Having said that, even if your cat does eventually bond with you, it might take weeks or months, so don’t get too attached!

How to Make Your Cat Fall Inlove With You

It takes only one foolhardy moment- like leaving food under the plate for too long- for your cat to decide they no longer want anything to do with you. So, being aware of such potential moments is key to avoiding broken hearts.

Making sure your house is free of litter and toys will help prevent any behavioral changes caused by missing cues. Once again, timing is crucial here as changing the bedding or cleaning up the mess could happen at any time!

Some cats need extra TLC after the death of their owner, which is totally normal. Others just need someone to spend time with them to enjoy life together.

Feed them

how to make your cat love you

Sometimes, no matter how much you love an animal, they just don’t feel that same about you. It can be due to something you did or didn’t do as a pet owner before, or it may be because they never seem to see your face-to-face when you’re together.

Whatever the reason, most of us tend to give up after a while since nothing seems to work. For some animals, though, it only takes a few days for them to realize there is a person who loves them more than anything else in the world.

That person is you!

If your cat has been acting a little distant lately, maybe starting off by eating less food, then trying offering them some of their favorite foods will win them over. Or perhaps they’ve been seen sleeping with their paws covering whatever they want to keep warm, so try giving them some soft blankets to snuggle with.

Or what if your kitty was usually quite active but these past couple days have seen them lying around mostly doing nothing? Try introducing them to some new toys — even if they’re not really into those types of things already. Perhaps taking them out for a short walk each day will get them moving again.

Touch them

how to make your cat love you

When your cat is not looking at you, she may be trying to avoid your touch or even run away from it. This can make her feel uncomfortable, which usually leads to her de-friending people.

If this happens then try to spend more time with her so that she feels comfortable around you. Try brushing her coat, giving her attention, and just plain old petting her!

Some cats are very sensitive and need less touching than others. What kind of touch your cat does not like can vary depending on what type of person she is.

Certain things might make some cats nervous such as when someone pulls their tail or grabs them by the neck. If you notice these behaviors happening, give your cat some space and see if the behavior stops.

Do fun things with them

how to make your cat love you

Fun is an excellent way to win your cat’s heart! If you love dancing, then invite your cat onto the dance floor with you. Or maybe taking a stroll together in the park or even outside is his favorite pastime.

Whatever activity you choose to do, make it one that your cat is familiar with. For example, if your cat loves going for short walks at the beach, take him there during sunset so he can see all of the bright colors. He may enjoy this new experience more than walking around the neighborhood!

You can also try giving different toys to see which ones he enjoys playing with the most. The same goes for food – what kind of food does he like?

Use these products as a starting point and add some flavor yourself by mixing and matching ingredients.

Speak to them

how to make your cat love you

Even if your cat has never liked anyone else, there’s still things you can do to win her heart. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think!

Many people start by talking about what they like about their pets before adding more solid food into the mix. This seems silly, but it makes sense.

If you talk about how much you love watching TV while eating popcorn, then maybe next time you make popcorn you’ll also add some vegetables or milk to make it healthier. For most cats, those vegetables and milk will be enough of a reward for listening to you speak about how much you enjoy watching TV.

For that reason, trying to get your cat to like other people may not be as difficult as you thought.

Ask them about their life

how to make your cat love you

One of the biggest things that people lose touch with when they get a new pet is asking about their lives. Are they with family? What kind of home do they want to have? More than just questions for moral support, these are important questions to ask because it can help you determine if this cat will be its own person or not!

If they seem like they would enjoy having their own house, give them some time to prove themselves before offering them your own home. Many cats need at least six months before they feel that they know who their leader is and they learn how to work under someone else’s rule.

Also look into potential homes carefully. A place that seems nice probably costs more as well, so make sure that you can handle that before giving your money away. Try to meet up in neutral areas for a few days to see if the both of you will connect.

Do not touch them

how to make your cat love you

The number one way to make your cat hate you is by touching her or him! This could be for any reason, even if you think it’s only fake sick so you pet them. Some things that can get people into trouble are sneezing, licking their lips, scratching at wounds, or sucking on paws or mouths.

If your cat has been acting weird lately, do some research and see what may have caused those symptoms. If possible, try to determine whether or not they were actually hurt in order to know if there was anything malicious going on.

Since most cats need frequent attention, looking after them while they’re ill can sometimes be tricky. Sometimes owners feel compelled to play with their pets or take care of them because their friends asked about it.

But playing with your pet when he or she isn’t feeling well can stress them out more, which can cause them to act up even more. Keep an eye on your friend’s dog or cat while they’re away to avoid this.

There are many ways to help your cat feel better including offering food and water, rubbing his or her stomach, and washing their face. All these actions should be done slowly, carefully, and gently to avoid getting too close to the mouth or nose.

Be consistent

how to make your cat love you

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to relationships. If you show up at the same time every day, eat lunch together, go to the same places, and do your daily tasks, then that set pattern will bring about consistency in behavior.

For example, if you want your roommate to stop being mad at you, you should never call him or her names or put their belongings in danger. You must always be calm and peaceful with them and avoid any arguments. This would make your roomie feel safe around you which would prevent anything bad from happening.

Consistency is the key factor when it comes to cat-owner relationships. A lot of people think cats are tough, but they’re not! They can be very loving once you understand how to play with them.

There are several ways to try and get your kitty to like you more. The best way depends on what type of relationship you want to have with your feline friend.

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