Why Do Cats Do That Silly Sideways Walk?

In most cases, this is done when a cat wants to explore a new environment. When the cat finds an environment that feels exciting and interesting, it decides to “walk” through that space in a very enthusiastic way.

Cat creep

Why do cats do that silly sideways walk?

When a cat is uncomfortable, it may do one of two things: It can sit or it can creep. A quiet, lazy moment may look like this:

Or it can look like this:

Either way, it is comforting to the cat. This sideways walk is a comfortable way for the cat to get away from anything that is bothering it.

This isn’t something a normal cat does every day, but when it does, it feels special. It wants people to notice and take care of it.

Many times, cats will do this walk at night when they are scared. If you have a special companion that likes to play with toys, you can make sure they are safe by using a toy vase as a defense against them if they decide to get scared.

They are showing dominance

Tiger on Snow


When a cat sees another cat in the same environment, they can be shown dominance. This happens when they are in a group or clan situation and the other cat is not alpha.

This happens when there is a leader, yes! An owner assumes that their cat is a member of the group, so it can be seen as a competition to get the top spot.

If you notice your kitty walking sideways or doing a silly sideways walk, this is a sign that they are showing dominance to another cat. Theirs may also be higher than the other cats’s and they may have fold back their tail to hide it.

If you see any of these signs in your cat, take them out of the environment right away! This might help them stop this behavior and fix any tension between them.

They are trying to get comfortable


When you watch a cat for a long time, you start to notice a few things about them.

They like to explore and go where no one else can! Most cats will try something for the first time once they are accustomed to it.

Your cat may also demonstrate new behaviors such as the “sideways walk”. This is when your kitty walks around on all fours, then thrusts its back and legs into the air as it walks sideways!

The “sideways walk” is a way for your kitty to try out new things, like the “up walk” or “down walk”. Both of these are lower body movements, which may be uncomfortable for your kitty!

Being comfortable in life situations is important, so if you see your cat in any of these situations, be aware that they are trying to get comfortable.

They want attention

Fury Cat on Green Grass


You may have noticed your cat go exploring, or even running away from you. Was that silly sideways walk you noticed?

The move is called the 'walk' and it is a way for your cat to get attention.

The forward-backward motion is called the 'sideways' movement and it is used to explore rooms, areas, and other cats.

When a walk is not wanted, the cat can quickly change directions and escape through the other door. Or, if there are no doors, then it's off to another room!

A good walk should be at least 10 minutes long, and should include at least three steps. The last step should be a full circle ofiscovery.

On a bright day, check out your cat's feet.

They are hunting

Orange And White Cat On Window


When cats walk, it is usually to move something or somebody around. This is a good thing for cats to do, as they are hunting.

Kitties can be fast or slow, depending on what they are doing. If you see them running or playing, they are probably trying to impress you with their animal speed and tricks.

The sideways walk is a way for them to show you that they are powerful animals. They use the walk as a way to appraise themselves and determine how much weight they need to lose or maintain.

The walk is also a way for them to get exercise after spending all day sleeping or exploring at night. The side steps help them maintain a even pace while giving them the opportunity to check out the outside world.

If your cat does not want to get out in the daylight, try some easy maneuvers such as playing with a book or toy and see if they enjoy being confined.

Cats do this because their back legs are slightly longer than their front legs

Selective Focus Photography of Sitting Orange Cat on Grass


This little trick is called splayed walking. It is used when your cat needs to get away from you, or if you want to learn more about it.

Splayed walking is when the cat takes its back legs off the ground, and walks with its body tilted forward. This lets it better access food and water. It is also used when the cat needs to get up or adjust itself in a room where they cannot be on top of the food or water.

There are several reasons for this splayed walking style. One is so that if the walk is tight, like on a leash, the cat can pull its body back behind its front leg for support.

) It helps them keep their balance

Close up of Cat on Grass


This is called the hilly walk and it makes your cat look adorable as it winds its way up a hill.

Cats are weird and funny and adorable

Black Cat Walking on Concrete Fence Near Water


You may have seen the catwalk pose or the sideways walk, both of which are fairly common pet behaviors. Both areas are explained well in this article from The Cut.

The catwalk pose is when your cat will get on its back with its tail raised and legs slightly parted. It will then get onto its front legs and move its hips up and down in a smooth, steady motion.

The sideways walk is when your cat will get on its back with its tail raised and legs slightly parted. It will then get onto its side and move the hips up and down in a smooth, steady motion.

Both of these movements are normal behaviors as your cats meet, play, or sleep! These movements are called locomotor patterns or rhythms, and they're used to find shelter, safety, or retreat.

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