Why Do Cats Fight At Night?

There are many reasons why a cat might fight at night, and this article is for you, the cat lover, to help you understand what they are going through.

Many animals go through transitions during the night, like sleeping and waking. For cats, this can be important as they need to be able to relax after spending all day in action mode.

Sometimes it’s just the rhythm of their sleep that they need to adjust to. Sometimes it’s just the unfamiliarity of the environment when they wake up!

This is very important! A cat who wakes up every morning stressed may not feel like her self during the day and might not behave well.

They’re protecting their territory

Tabby Kittens on Floral Comforter


As cats age, they may develop arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms. If you’re taking care of an older cat, be aware that he or she may have a harder time keeping up with the pacing and climbing required of a normal cat.

This can be problematic, especially if the cat is having trouble sleeping. The older the cat is, the more likely they are to sleep on their side, with their feet raised.

Sleep deprivation is what your old kitty fight may be trying to prevent.

You can help your kitty sleep by getting your bedding and equipment in advance and by using light out before you start sleeping in your bed. Oftentimes it helps to set the clock or timer for a set amount of time before you want to get up and start daydreaming or sleeping in your own bed again.

These tips can help you keep both yourself and your cats healthy as they get older.

They can see each other better

Cats Fighting Together


When cats fight at night, it’s usually because one cat was up late sleeping and another cat was active sleep cycle.

This is not a problem with cats that don’t sleep much. Most of them are awake during the day, so they can watch what else is going on in the room.

But at night, cats can see each other better. And since they are both ready to attack at any moment, picking a moment to fight is more important.

If two cats are very close in age, then maybe one will die before the other does. Society says that these two lost animals should get a second chance at life, so they can be friends in heaven.

If one animal dies from a fight, the other gets an upgrade in fighting skills so that he or she can handle the same opponent in the next battle.

It’s cooler, so they’re more active

Photo Of Cats Sleeping Together


Most cats nighttime fighting is a way to keep in shape as they exercise. This is a good way for them to relieve stress, too.

Cats do not typically sleep as long as humans, so taking your cat to the gym at 6 p.m. is a good way to work out.

By 7 p.m., most gyms have the lights turned off, and cats are preoccupied with their trainers.

Cats are mostly nocturnal animals

Photography of Two Cats


This is a bullet point! Most cats are nocturnal, which means they prefer to spend the night in the wilderness. This is where their natural instincts come into play.

You see, nocturnal animals need special lighting to find their prey and display their dominance. They must enter hiding spots and huntresses to Reproduction and Activity areas, so having a bright light is important.

However, reproduction places are hard to find and access to is limited in some places, so fighting at night is a way for them to show dominance over another cat.

A cat that fights at night may do so because of:

Upright location — When a cat finds something interesting to fight over at night, it tends to be upright in a protected spot. The fight may also happen here — on an object or surface — due to limited mobility during the day. Inability to fight at night — Being asleep or asleep during the daytime does not mean a cat can't fight. It may just be unable due to being on foot or being confined in a place where it can't escape.

Cats are very territorial animals

Two White and Black Cats Lying on Brown Wooden Surface


Even though they are only night animals, cats go to bed at the same time as humans

Cats usually get a good night's rest and sleep in the same room with you at night. This is a sign that you love them very much and that they feel comfortable in your presence.

They need to be able to travel and explore their home at night, so keeping an eye out for any cats you feed or play with is a way of making sure they are still OK.

If a cat gets separated from her pack during the day, she may try to find her own way back home. At night, if she cannot find her pack, she may try to fight her own personal war against you.

Fighting is not always successful and can lead to injuries, missing days of food or water, and possibly death. If one of you ends up injured, broken or killed, it may be weeks before the other realizes it.

Nighttime is the best time to fight

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Many animal lovers believe that fighting at night is a good thing, and enjoyable for both animals and humans. However, there are some things that human and animal fights should not include.

Both animals and people have nicknames for each other, so it is easy to create fights based on names. For example, when referring to a cat as an individual, you might call him/her something like Factory Rat, Speedy Delivery Boy, or Nice Ice Cream.

These named cats do not always live in groups, which makes it more dangerous to fight in front of others. Since most people are asleep at this time of the night, it is easier to start a fight without being interrupted.

It is also important for people to stay away from the fight if one of the cats gets seriously injured or hurt.

They’re marking their territory

Orange And White Cat On Window

When a cat fights, it’s not just to defend itself. It is marking its territory!

Cats usually fight during the night, when they are trying to keep an area under their control. This is how they establish their family and social groups, after all.

This is also when they use their psychic powers to dictate who gets what room and who goes where, as they’re sleeping. It’s like a game in their sleep, where they try to let someone new experience comfort and security before moving them out of their comfort zone.

That is what a fight is – two cats using energy projection and fighting to prove who is the strongest. It’s like a game of power, but this time it is physical!

You can see it easily: When one cat gets knocked down, that “defeated” character often tries to get back up again — which just makes them look cute and fishy.

They’re practicing for breeding season

Orange Tabby Cat on Armchair


A lot of cats fight at night because they’re trying to pack in as much time as possible with their partners before going to sleep.

This is a normal behavior for these cats. They will try to mate as often as possible until the next phase of breeding season.

There are two main things these cats do during the night to ensure they have a female and that she’s happy with their offspring. The first is courtship, and the second is breeding.

Cats will stalk each other and rub against each other throughout the night in an attempt to find someone to join with. This is why you should never let your cat stay alone at night unless you keep a close eye on them.

The second thing cats do during the night is mate.

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