Baby Cat Story - All Over Print Shirt

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Introducing the world's most unique towel design for cat lovers.

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is both durable and soft - a great combination if you're looking for that casual wardrobe staple that show your love for cats. 

  • Super comfortable to wear - Made from 100% Cotton 
  • Stand out from the crowd - Design created by our in house designer
  • Easy to maintain - Color won't fade after washing
  • Printed and Shipped from U.S.A.

This design is inspired by the Cat Stories submitted by Barbara Pasch

About BabyCat

Four years ago a feral mother cat I was feeding with her baby found a new boyfriend and abandoned her little baby in my backyard.

I waited till almost nightfall then went outside and without a fight, the little guy came in the house with me and snuggled up to my little sheltie like a baby. Thus, his name, Babycat.

The mother came back,saw her baby was okay and left for the last time. My sheltie,who was 16 contracted cancer and died the following year leaving Baby by himself. So her began snuggling in bed sleeping with me.

A few months later, a mother cat,probably same one, left 3 very sick babies,one month old,in my backyard to die. I took them to my vet,gave them all antibiotics but a lady wanted the black kitten so she was adopted leaving me two. Bandi,a little "smarty pants" girl and her brother Timid Timi.

So Babycat has worked friends and I am officially a cat person surrounded in bed every night by three loving cats. What a blessings since my husband died and I lost my beloved dog Lil Bit.


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