Personalize Furkid Watch (Limited Edition)

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Turn Your Pet Into A Personalize Watch! 

Do you hate time spent away from your cat/dog? Are you unable to resist looking at your watch every few minutes because you’re counting down the seconds until you can see your cat’s cute face again?

Now you don’t have to feel down every time you look at your watch because barely a few minutes have ticked by since you last looked at it. Instead, our Personalized Pet Watch will lift your spirits up! The watch face features your cat’s lovely mien, making you focus on your cat’s supportive, adoring eyes instead of the slowly ticking hands.   

Wear your style with this personalized pet watch.

  • Wear Your Style with this Custom Designed Watch
  • Japanese Movement, Strengthen Alloy Body w/ Stainless Steal Back
  • 100% Real Genuine Leather / Stainless Steal Band
  • 40mm Men’s Or 34mm Women’s size available
  • 90 Day Warranty 
  • We Ships Worldwide

We accept Cats and Dogs or any other Pets too! Make sure you fill out the form to get accepted right away.

Personalize Watch: When we’re away from home, we often think about our cat’s sad, lonely face as he/she waits for us at home. This watch helps you focus on the good stuff instead. Send us a picture of your cat’s happy face so you’ll feel reenergized instead of down each time you check the time.

Durable Materials: Made from strengthened alloy and stainless steel, this watch has an alluring shine that will not fade with time. It’s here to stay, and the Japanese Movement ensures time-measuring accuracy.

Interchangeable Strap: We doubt you’ll soon get bored of wearing this watch considering it’s one-of-a-kind, just like your cat, but just in case you’re looking for a bit more variety, you can easily change the strap. When you purchase this, you can choose between 100% genuine leather and stainless steel straps.

Warranty: Enjoy a 90-days complete warranty. The watch is amazingly durable, so we’ve never had anyone tapping into this warranty, but just in case, know that we’ve got you covered.

Different Sizes Available: Choose between 40mm for men and 34m for women.
We accept Cats and Dogs or any other Pets too! Make sure you fill out the form to get accepted right away.

Check out some of our customer personalized pet watch designs below!



How to Order

Send us a high-resolution photo of your pet, preferably at least 2000x2000 pixels.

Upon receiving your order, we carefully polish the photo before inserting it into the watch and assembling the rest of it, so the end product you receive will be top-notch.

Since we custom-make each watch instead of mass-producing it, it will take around 2 to 4 weeks for the watch to arrive on your doorstep.  

We ship worldwide, and we get swamped with orders quickly, so don’t miss out! We’ve got slots open right now which won’t last for long.

Join us on this mission to Love Cats For Life!